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Membership Classifications:

Member Firm

This class of membership is available only to a business organization that holds a Certificate of Authorization from the State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers & Surveyors, permitting the organization to offer engineering services to the public (see Ohio Revised Code Section 4733.16) and have an office in the state of Ohio. Such an organization may be a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation or an independent engineering department, division or subsidiary of a private, non-engineering company. All Member Firms must maintain simultaneous membership in ACEC Ohio's national affiliate, the American Council of Engineering Companies.

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Affiliate Member Firm

This class of membership is available to a business organization that supports the goals of ACEC Ohio and provides professional services of a scientific and technical nature that are complementary to the services provided by Member Companies.  Examples of eligible entities would be archeologists, biologists, environmental scientists, planners, geologists, architects and construction management firms. 

Business organizations that provide professional services or products used in the internal operation of Member Companies such as attorneys, insurance brokers, bankers, accountants, management consultants, computer and software vendors and blueprint/reproduction companies are also eligible for membership.

Business organizations that produce or market construction materials that are routinely specified by engineers are not eligible for membership.

Only firms that are NOT eligible for membership as a Member Firm (i.e., firms that do NOT hold a Certificate of Authorization from the State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers & Surveyors) are eligible to become Affiliate Member Firms. Principals of Affiliate Member Firms shall not be eligible to vote, hold office nor serve as chair of a committee.

Affilate Member dues are $525 annually.

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