Strategic Plan

ACEC Ohio updates its strategic plan every 3 to 5 years. The purpose of the plan is to elevate ACEC Ohio so it is the recognized advocate by all for the engineering business in Ohio. The plan is reviewed annually to track our progress and make changes if necessary. 


ACEC Ohio will be the leading advocate, authority, and voice for the promotion and protection of engineering business in Ohio. 


Advocate for the advancement and protection of the engineering business.

Key Goals of current strategic plan: 

  • Improve ACEC Ohio branding.
  • Incease ACEC Ohio's level of legislative advocacy. 
  • Increase financial resources to increase organizational effectiveness. 
  • Improve board governance. 
  • Improve effectiveness of President to focus on advocacy, relationships, and membership by better allocation of resources.
  • Improve effectiveness of commitees.
  • Improve ACEC Ohio and Chapter relationship, function and allignment. 

ACEC Ohio Long Range Strategic Plan 2017-2020

Advancing the Business of Engineering