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ACEC Ohio leaders 'represent' at national conference

Several officers of ACEC Ohio attended the national Council's Fall Conference in Boca Raton, Florida, earlier this week.

State President Steven R. Bergman (HDR Engineering, Inc.), Past President Robert W. Campbell (TranSystems Corporation), National Director Thomas E. Mosure (ms consultants, inc.), and Executive Director Donald L. Mader, represented Ohio at various meetings and functions throughout the five-day conference.

At Sunday's meeting of the national Board of Directors, Mosure and other national directors learned about a budget proposal that would see the national Council "Go on the Offense" by undertaking three major new initiatives on behalf of the membership.

If approved by the Board of Directors next April, the Council would expand or create programs to:

Fight "insourcing" and liability threats – To combat efforts by unions to restrict the ability of federal agencies to contract-out for design services and address liability issues associated with new forms of contracting, such as PPPs, the Council would add in-house expertise and retain additional outside legal and lobbying assistance.

Tackle energy and private client challenges – Growth in the energy, industrial and other private client sectors requires the Council to improve its service to firms that practice in these areas.  A new staff person would be added and current staff reassigned to meet these needs.

Mount aggressive PR for infrastructure advocacy – Public affairs campaigns would be conducted at the national and state level, including advertising in targeted publications and making use of social media to educate the general public about the need for strong infrastructure.

Also during the conference, ACEC Ohio representatives attended committee meetings, including Transportation and Political Action, and general sessions focused on the outlook for infrastructure funding, the future of the nation's economy, firm growth strategies and other issues.


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