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PE registration would go on two-year cycle under budget bill proposal

Starting with license renewals in 2012

Professional engineers and surveyors would renew their licenses every other year, instead of annually, according to a proposal in the general fund budget bill unveiled last week by Governor John Kasich.

If the proposal is adopted by the Ohio General Assembly, the State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Surveyors would go on a biennial license renewal cycle beginning with renewals after December 31, 2011.

Under current law, registrations expire annually on the last day of December and become invalid on that date unless they are renewed by paying the annual renewal fee of $20. Accordingly, the bill changes the renewal fee from $20 to $40, to be paid biennially.

The bill also changes continuing professional development requirements for engineers and surveyors.

Under current law, to renew an annual registration, professional engineers and surveyors must prove they have completed 15 hours of continuing professional development. Under the bill, each registrant must complete at least 30 hours of continuing professional development during the two‐year period immediately preceding the biennial renewal expiration date.

A registrant who completes more than 30 hours of approved coursework in a biennial renewal period (compared to 15 hours in a calendar year under existing law) may carry forward to the next biennial renewal period a maximum of 15 hours of the excess hours, which is the same carryover for the annual renewal period.

The bill increases from three to four years the number of years a registrant must retain records that demonstrate completion of the continuing professional development requirements.

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