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ACEC Institute releases Groundbreaking Report on the Engineering Industry


ACEC Institute releases Groundbreaking Report on the Engineering Industry

Screen Shot 2021 01 07 At 10.25.33 AmToday, the ACEC Research Institute released the first-ever groundbreaking research report titled: 2020 Engineering Industry Profile.

The ACEC Research Institute commissioned a study to profile and analyze performance in the Engineering, Architectural, and Surveying Services Industry (A/E Services).  The study aims to describe, measure, and demonstrate the indispensable partnership between engineering, architects, and other related professional services to deliver the built environment of the United States.

Report Findings: 

  • The analysis found that the engineering and architectural services sector drives $386 billion in annual revenue on a national scale.

  • Nationally, the engineering and architectural services sector employs more than 1.5 million people and pays an average annual salary of $88,000, far exceeding the national average of $60,300.

  • The engineering services sector was significantly larger than the architectural services sector last year, with engineering services comprising about two-thirds of the jobs nationally.

  • Engineering and architectural service activity also generate nearly $45 billion worth of tax revenue nationally for various local, state, and federal government agencies – more per company and employee than most other U.S. sectors.

  • Ohio Highlights:
    • #10 in total employment for A/E industry
    • The average wage in Ohio in A/E industry is $78,741
    • Total employment for A/E industry in Ohio (2019) was 43,225

The full report, 2020 Engineering Industry Profile is available for download by clicking here.

The 2020 Engineering Industry Profile is the first in a series of three studies that will provide a comprehensive look at the engineering industry within the context of the larger engineering and architectural industry, beginning by showing the full view of the size, growth, and composition of the engineering and architectural services sector. The next study will focus on the economic contributions this industry has made to the U.S. economy and the final study will be a five-year industry forecast. Taken together, the studies will provide useful information for policymakers as well as those exploring career opportunities.


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