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ACEC Ohio Celebrates First Rising Leader Graduates


ACEC Ohio Celebrates First Rising Leader Graduates

ACEC Ohio recognized our twenty 2019-2020 Rising Leader graduates at the Engineering Excellence Awards on March 12, 2020. This is the first year for our ACEC Ohio Rising Leader Program, with 20 participates representing 20 different engineering companies in Ohio.

Kelly Wright with LJB Inc. and Eric Koch with Hull & Associates spoke at the Engineering Excellence Awards with testimonials on how the Rising Leader program benefited them and prepared them to become better leaders in our industry. 

"It was exciting to be in a cohort of peers that were being invested in by their firms and also investing in their own professional development," said Kelly. "Every single one of us wanted to be there and it showed. I can say with certainty that we left every session with new knowledge or a new outlook that we could apply." 

"At the professional level, this program offered a unique opportunity to learn from and have exposure to some of the most experienced, dynamic professionals in their respective fields. From HR, to attorneys, CPAs, even hostage negotiators" said Eric. "Undoubtedly, this has been one of the most rewarding, beneficial and enjoyable professional development opportunities of my career."

Are you interested in becoming a Rising Leader? Or do you know someone in your firm who would make a great Rising Leader? Click here to learn more information about our upcoming classes.

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  • Kelly Wright, LJB, Inc.
  • Scott Horan, Euthenics
  • Michael Vale, Hammontree
  • Andrew Gardner, Bird+Bull
  • Brandon Sopko, Pennoni
  • Eric Koch, Hull & Associates
  • Chad Hines, Paul J. Ford
  • Sastry Malladi, CTL Engineering
  • Abby Cueva, EMH&T
  • Rob Hopper, SMBH
  • Tim Lehman, Fanning Howey Associates
  • Gina Balsamo, Carpenter Marty Transportation
  • Chris Scheks, GPD Group
  • Brooke Heid, Clune Consulting Services
  • Laura McCutcheon, HDR
  • Pete Rasche, PEDCO
  • Josh Lockhart, CM&T
  • Zach Kaczar, CTI Engineers
  • Sean Riffle, ms consultants
  • Brent Robbins, PRIME AE Group

Congratulations to our first class of Rising Leaders on their graduation from the ACEC Ohio inaugural program!

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