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Message from Beth--November 21, 2019


Message from Beth--November 21, 2019

Over the past month, ACEC Ohio PAC Trustees and Board Members have been a part of two events hosting the leadership teams of the Ohio General Assembly.  Building strong legislative relationships is part of the Council’s strategic plan and goal to be effective advocates for the industry.

Some key issues discussed with our legislative leaders included:

  • House Bill 159, the indemnification bill
  • Senate Bill 136, the design professional “payment assurance” (lien) bill
  • H2Ohio, initiative for improving water quality in Ohio
  • Indexing the motor fuel user fee (along with a thank you for the increase in July)

As we end the PAC year on December 31, 2019, we ask that you consider meeting your voluntary PAC goal for this year. As many of you are aware, campaign season never ends and ACEC Ohio needs to continue to be dynamic in our PAC activities and support. 

PAC successes in 2019: 

  • ACEC Ohio has introduced legislation to invalidate broad indemnification clauses in public authority contracts (HB 159), defeated a proposal to reduce the small business income deduction and achieved an increase in transportation funding this legislative session.
  • On a National level, ACEC has been effective with the Comprehensive Tax Reform bill, reauthorization of the Water Resources Development Act and just this week the repeal of the $7.6 billion highway funding rescission of unobligated funds which will benefit ODOT by $336 million.

For the 53 member companies who have met their 2019 PAC goal, THANK YOU, an appreciation lunch will be held on January 10th to recognize your contributions.  If you have any questions on your PAC goal or contributions to date, please contact me or Greg Heaton, Chair of the PAC Trustees.

Sending you wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving!


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