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New ACEC Ohio State Public Works Resource Document Now Available


New ACEC Ohio State Public Works Resource Document Now Available

ACEC Ohio has created a resource document defining in detail what public officials need to know about planning and delivering projects. Our document outlines the foundation for how engineers and architects communicate with public agencies.
The planning and construction of public works projects is a major part of the mission of cities, counties, school districts and many other public agencies. This manual is intended to provide a general overview of the public works project planning and delivery process, with a focus on tips for a good decision and case studies of successful projects. A guide such as this highlights the need for a proactive understanding regarding the complexities within an engineering project and the benefits of forward thinking.
Thank you to members of our State Public Works Committee for your hard work helping us put together this document. The committee is submitting abstracts for various conferences around the state to help promote our resource document. Click the image to download our resource document. Click here to visit our publications page to see other documents from ACEC Ohio. 

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