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Message from Beth--October 24, 2019


Message from Beth--October 24, 2019

Board meeting 2019Last week, ACEC Ohio members attended the ACEC Fall Conference in Chicago.  During the Board meeting on Sunday, Lynn Miggins, ACEC Ohio National Director voted to adopt an aggressive new strategic plan which was approved unanimously.  The ACEC strategic plan will support the industry’s critical role in addressing climate change, transportation safety, sustainable energy and other priorities in the built environment. The plan puts greater emphasis on research to drive thought leadership and proactive advocacy to assist policymakers and the industry to develop innovative solutions to these challenges.

The new strategic plan will empower ACEC to forcefully address critical issues facing the engineering industry, such as the shortage of engineers to meet emerging challenges, promoting diversity within the industry, and fostering innovative technologies and design solutions.  The plan will also enable the Council to pursue an aggressive research effort to drive thought leadership, influence policy, and shape perception. The implementation of the strategic plan will be worked on over the next six months and presented at the next ACEC board meeting in April. Click here for the ACEC Strategic Plan.


It's also time for the ACEC Ohio Planning Committee to begin work, kicking off in November.  Board Vice Chair Jay Muether will chair the committee which will evaluate the Council’s current long-range plan and propose a new plan at the annual board meeting in June.  Members of the Planning Committee are:

  • Jay Muether, ARCADIS
  • Rick Allen, Bowser-Morner
  • Jim Kleingers, The Kleingers Group
  • Lynn Miggins, KS Associates
  • Monica Mosure, ms consultants
  • Rod Sommer, LJB Inc.

Please feel free to share your thoughts with me or any of the planning committee members regarding the strategic direction of ACEC Ohio.



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