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Rising Leader Program Registration is OPEN

In support of the ACEC Ohio mission to advance and protect member businesses we are offering a Rising Leader training program to assist ACEC firms with the development of future leaders within their companies.  

The training program is designed and will be most beneficial to those participants with approximately 8-15 years industry experience or a professional engineering license plus five years.  Led by an experienced facililtator, Scott Heidner, participants will be engaged in an interactive discussion with presenters. Scott has experience leading ACEC Kansas, Michigan, Missouri and Nebraska leadership programs.  The program presenters have been chosen with an expertise in their field in Ohio and across the country. 

The training program is 6-half day sessions covering 6 topics over a 6 month period; 25.5 hours or learning, $1,800 per person. 

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Since this is the first year for the Rising Leader Program, one participant can be submitted from your company and the selection process will be based on a first come/first served basis.  A waiting list will be maintained, including notes about the order in which those waiting list applications were submitted.  In future years, preference will be given to those firms that have gone the longest without being in the program, with the second criteria being first come/first served. To maximize the learning experience, class size will be limited to 20 attendees.

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