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ACEC Ohio/ODOT Partnering Conference

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We are pleased to announce that registration is now open for the  2019 ODOT/ACEC Ohio Partnering Conference on May 14, 2019, at the Ohio Union. Join your peers and clients for a day of partnership between our organizations to promote cooperation between public and private sectors. 

This year's agenda includes the opportunity to attend 2 of 4 break-out sessions in the afternoon:

  • Put yourself in my shoes: writing and evaluating LOI’s: This session is for consultants who want to write better LOIs, and ODOT staff who want to get better LOIs. In a twist, the session will involve “reverse role play,” where consultants act the role of district staff evaluating LOIs, and ODOT acts the role of consultants who are trying to write a good LOI. The session will feature a roundtable exercise, followed by a panel discussion of key takeaways from the table discussions.                      
  • CEI Consultant Services on LPA (Local Public Agencies) Projects: LPAs typically utilize consultants to perform required CEI services. The LPA may engage consultants to perform architectural, engineering and related services needed to develop a Federal-aid project. Other CEI activities generally seen on projects include document control and management, construction materials sampling and testing, construction schedule reviews, project management and utility coordination. The extent of services depends on the LPA’s needs and resources.
  • Getting Down to Business: Meet and Greet sessions are the primary method for consultants to formally market their staff and capabilities to ODOT. ODOT’s District and Division Offices have different needs that they can share with consultants during these meetings. This topic will allow consultants and ODOT to share some of their best and worst experiences and the different ways they use meet and greets to build relationships and understand project needs.
  • Score to Settle—CES Scoring system: The Consultant Evaluation System (CES) scoring has undergone refinement and improvement since its inception. This topic will explore how the system is currently working from the ODOT and consultant perspective, and areas for clarification and improvement.

Click here to register! Make sure to register before May 7th.  We look forward to seeing all ACEC Ohio members at the 2019 Partnering Conference. 

Don’t forget the Social Event the evening before the conference beginning at 4:00 p.m., Monday, May 13th at PINS Mechanical Co. Columbus!

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