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FOR Ohio Update--April 1, 2019

The FOR Ohio Coalition is fully supporting the current "compromise" that has been agreed to by the Governor and Ohio House: 11 cent immediate increase in the gasoline motor fuel user fee; 20 cent immediate increase in the diesel motor user fee; increasing the registration fees on electric and hybrid vehicles; and increasing support for public transit to $70 million from General Revenue Funding each year.  While several other issues of difference remain between the Ohio House and Ohio Senate, these are the key points, with the increased motor fuel user fee being the major sticking point with the Senate still.

We understand the Governor is fully resolved and committed to this current agreement with the House and has continued to work with Senate leadership over the weekend to try and get them to agree.  FOR Ohio coalition members should continue to contact their Ohio Senator to share their support for the compromise reached by the Governor and House.  The Senate has been successful in reducing the amount from the Governor's original 18 cent proposal, but the Governor & Speaker feel the current proposal is the barest minimum the state can do to meet the maintenance needs and show a visual impact on safety & new construction for Ohioans moving forward.  The immediate increase (July 1st) will have a significant and ongoing impact on ODOT and local governments funding opportunities. 

As the issue of timing (passage to ensure ODOT & Public Safety/Highway Patrol will be funded on July 1st) will be critical in the next few days, please continue to keep the pressure on.  We’re very close to a final resolution but need to continue to show the Governor our strong support for his efforts as FOR Ohio Coalition members to address this transportation funding crisis.

Contact your Ohio Senator today in support of the current compromise, for your Senator's contact information click here.

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