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FOR Ohio Update--March 8, 2019

Ohio Senate to take up gas tax proposal

This week the Ohio House of Representatives passed H.B. 62, the transportation budget bill with a vote of 71-27.  Major changes to the Governor's proposal included:

ODOT has compiled an analysis of the House changes to their program, click here.  As you can see there is still no new money for additional safety and no money for the major new program.  The coalition is continuing to support the Governor's proposal of an 18 cent increase with indexing.

Please contact your State Senator ASAP to express your support for the Governor's proposal, the Senate plans to vote on the bill by March 20.  Below is the contact information for the Senator who represents your business address:

$$LEGISLATOR: State Senate$$

To locate your State Senator by zip code click here or call 1-800-282-0253 to be connected directly to your  Senator’s Office. See information below to assist in your outreach efforts:

The fate of this issue rests now on a strong grassroots effort.  Please engage today!  As you get input back from the legislator’s you talk to, please drop me a short e-mail with their positions, for, against, or wanting more information.

Thank you for everything you are doing to advocate for Ohio’s economy and people. For more information and for recent news on this issue, please visit


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