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FOR Ohio Update--March 1, 2019


The Ohio House of Representatives plans to vote on House Bill 62 next week.  Here is the timeline: On Tuesday the House will adopt a substitute version of H.B. 62.  Over the weekend, the House will pour over all of the amendments and decide which issues to include, then finalize a new substitute bill.  On Wednesday, the House Finance Committee will vote on H.B. 62.  On Thursday, the full House will consider the measure.
The FOR Ohio Coalition has been asked to make sure Ohio House members are hearing from community and local government leaders from their area, there is concern there may not be local support for a motor fuel user fee (gas tax) increase.  The Speaker and Minority Leader are asking for broad based conversations between now and next Wednesday to all House members about the importance of increasing the Motor Fuel User Fee for the state and local governments.  
The current 18 cent increase will generate an additional $1.2 billion per year, of which 40%, or $480 million per year will go to local governments to help them with all of the local projects that are on the unfunded project lists ODOT developed CLICK HERE.  If possible focus your conversation on issue you have seen with clients not being able to fund important community projects that promote economic development and job creation. CLICK HERE for talking points from FOR Ohio.
Timing is critical, we need calls from ACEC Ohio members to be made today, over the weekend and early next week!  Even if you do not speak with your Representative, leave a detailed message and your cell phone so they can call you back.

To locate your state representative by zip code click here or call 1-800-282-0253 to be connected directly to your Representative or Senator’s Office.

The fate of this issue rests now on a strong grassroots effort.  Please engage today!  As you get input back from the legislator’s you talk to, please drop me a short e-mail with their positions, for, against, or wanting more information.
Thank you for everything you are doing to advocate for Ohio’s economy and people. For more information and for recent news on this issue, please visit

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