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FOR Ohio Update

Advisory Committee on Transportation Infrastructure releases report

The Governor's Advisory Committee on Transportation Infrastructure released their report which concludes with a recommendation to increase the motor fuel user fee but does not give a number. Click here for Advisory Committee Report on Transportation Infrastructure

Transportation Budget Bill:

Ohio House Finance Chair, Scott Oelslager has introduced the Transportation Budget Bill (House BIll 62 ) which is a placeholder bill, we are expecting the administration to submit a substitute bill this week which will include funding options.  We are at a pivotal point in our collective efforts and have momentum, but much more work needs to be done. The House Finance Committee will be meeting on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday  and ACEC Ohio will be testifying on Wednesday morning. The Senate has also scheduled an “informal hearing” on the transportation budget on Wednesday.  ODOT also has a website on their funding crisis--


Please pick up the phone or email your State Representatives and Senators to convey to them your support for a substantial, sustainable solution to this critical problem of infrastructure funding. Express the urgency of acting now and your full support of the administration's effort to find a significant solution that makes a real difference and is not a band aid.  Until we have a formal proposal on the table, it's a simple message of support. 

Click here for the FOR OhIo Flyer and log onto for additional information. If you have questions, feel free to contact Beth Easterday, President of ACEC Ohio at 614-487-8844.


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