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Ethics Training Coming Soon!

ACEC Ohio developing online, on demand course

Online Training

The Ohio Legislature recently added a new requirement for license renewal, two-hours worth of Ethics Training pertaining to the Ohio Code of Ethics. With this new revision, ACEC Ohio took action in creating an online/on demand course that would satisfy the training requirements. 

Approved by the Board in October 2017, ACEC Ohio established a committee that has been working diligently to create this online/on demand course using resources from other ACEC states that currently have Ethics training in place as well as the Ohio State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Surveyors. The Ethics Training committee consists of ACEC Ohio members Michael Duffey, SSOE Group, and Jay Muether, ARCADIS, as well as John Greenhalge, Executive Director of the State Board. The committee released an RFQ for a Learning Management System (LMS), resulting in two interviews conducted over the summer months. ACEC Ohio and the Ethics Training committee selected CD2 Learning as the initial LMS to host this course.

The course is currently in the final development stages and will consist of two modules, each equating to roughly one hour and focusing on parameters within section 4733 of the Ohio Revised Code and Administrative Code. The content development team has been working closely with the State Board to ensure we are able to provide ample, accurate information pertaining to the subject matter and satisfies the new Ethics training requirement.

ACEC Ohio is thrilled to provide this new benefit to you at a very low cost coming early 2019!

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