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Legislators Explore Connected-Autonomous Vehicles Impact to Ohio

ACEC Ohio members attend an interested party meeting at the Statehouse

ACEC Ohio members recently took part in an interested party meeting with State Representative Doug Green to discuss Connected Autonomous Vehicles impact on Ohio.  Our members joined other business trade associations such as Chambers of Commerce, the Auto Alliance and Drive Ohio.  Key issues identified and discussed were first/last mile transportation issues, infrastructure challenges, workforce dislocation and shortage as well as the regulatory structure for CAV technology. Amongst the top issues discussed were the infrastructure and workforce challenges.

Rep. Doug Green

ACEC Ohio members expressed concern that proper funding and maintenance will be essential to the smooth on-boarding process of the CAV technology. While Ohio has the perfect highway systems to develop, test and deploy connected autonomous vehicles, our failing bridges, hazardous road conditions and the current lack of funding will pose severe infrastructure challenges going forward. These urgent needs and possible solutions to support the necessary funding were explored during this interested party meeting. 

Workforce development is a trending topic among all industries. The current shortage in high-skilled workers and potential dislocated workers caused by the implementation of CAV technology were discussed. Possible solutions consisted of reevaluating Ohio's current education system for success following grade school, college or otherwise, and potential trainings that could potentially "re-skill" any dislocated workers. 

ACEC Ohio is thrilled to be a resource in these conversations moving forward as the Ohio House of Representatives develops an Autonomous & Connected Vehicle report.

Rep. Doug Green 

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