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ACEC Ohio Hosts First Professional Forum

Committees in full swing, HR Professionals meet for first forum

Hr Forum

ACEC Ohio hosted our first Human Resources Forum on Tuesday, September 25 from 10:00AM-1:00PM at our office space. Through ACEC Ohio’s HR Forum, HR professionals were connected to a network of peers in an informal, roundtable setting. Participants shared best practices, discussed problems and solutions, gained valuable insights into industry trends and networked with each other. 

To get the pulse of topics of interest, a survey was sent out to all HR contacts of member firms. Through the survey results, topics of interest that were discussed included: compensation trends, benefits, recruiting, retention, risk management, policies and procedures, etc.2018 Hr Forum

Sharon DeLay with GO-HR was the facilitator to ensure the conversations stayed relevant and meaningful to the group. In attendance were sixteen participants representing fifteen engineering firms throughout Ohio.

Overall, participants found the forum valuable and “nice to know what others in our industry are doing and what works well”, based off of a post survey.  It was requested that the forum be held two times per year and to have fewer topics to have a more in depth discussion.  

With the success of the HR Forum, additional forums for IT and Finance professionals are being planned. More communication on these forums to follow!


Kick- Off Committee Meeting Updates

Communication committee reviewed their work plan and discussed Engineering Excellence Awards, future sponsorship opportunities, social media metrics and re-branding of ACEC Ohio Chapter Integration to One ACEC Ohio. This committee will meet again on Friday, November 30

Rising Leader committee reviewed and discussed similar state programs offered by other ACEC state organizations The committee identified the structure and primary focus of this program, which is to supplement the skills of those currently serving as project engineers or senior project engineers to allow them to serve as future operations managers. This committee will meet again on Thursday, October 25.

Scholarship committee reviewed scholarship applications used in the past by the Central, NE and NW chapters as well as reviewed ACEC National criteria. The goal for the committee is to create a standardized scholarship application across chapters and award scholarships to four applicants at $2500 a piece. This committee will meet on a necessary basis.

Energy & Environment committee reviewed E&E survey results, discussed the direction they would like to see the committee go this year, the formation of subcommittees, which included: regulatory issues subcommittee as well as an energy forum subcommittee. Also discussed were future speakers for the upcoming meetings that would beneficial for the group. The committee will meet again on Wednesday, January 16.  

All committee information can be found on the committee pages of the ACEC Ohio website.



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