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Columbus Regional Airport Authority updates overhead rate calculation

ACEC Ohio influences this new policy

For the first time, ACEC Ohio has a voice with the Columbus Regional Airport CRAAAuthority (CRAA) in a meaningful way with a very positive impact. In 2011, the ACEC Ohio Board of Directors discussed issues relative to the way the CRAA treated engineering firms mostly in relation to disallowances in overhead rate calculation as well as allowances for employee labor rates.  A letter was sent to the airport authority at that time and no action was taken*. 

The CRAA has a new CEO, Joe Nardone, who heard from many engineering companies about the overhead rate calculation.  Through ACEC Ohio Board Member, Sandy Doyle-Ahern, the letter written in 2011 was again presented to the airport authority.  After review by the Executive Team at CRAA, Mr. Nardone announced two weeks ago that the airport will move to use an engineering firm’s ODOT audited overhead rate on new projects moving forward.

CRAA Audit Guide for Wage Rates Calculation

We are pleased that this direction and change has occurred at CRAA and look forward to continuing a positive working relationship with the authority.


 *2011 ACEC Ohio letter to the Columbus Regional Airport Authority.

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