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ACEC Ohio Committees Host Kick-off Meetings

Committees are off to the races tackling the 2018-2019 initiatives. 


September has been a busy month with committee kick-off meetings, here is a recap.

Member Services reviewed ACEC Ohio’s membership survey results and had an elaborate discussion relative to recruiting new members, retaining current members and how to get members active and increasing the value proposition of the organization. 

Small firms held a roundtable discussion regarding invoicing practices, how firms are using cloud computing services, hiring/retaining ODOT inspectors, developing skill sets/training, challenges faced when opening new offices, wage & benefits benchmarking, compensation for salaried personnel and intern programs.

State Public Works brainstormed what ACEC offers the “MEP and vertical” members and what their committee can do to assist as well as reviewing OFCC Liaison committee activities to determine successes and additional goals.  Taking the lead form a ACEC Texas Public Works White Paper, a subcommittee has started to create an Ohio based version of this document.

Following the ODOT/ACEC Ohio Matchmaker Event, our Transportation committee held a brief kick-off meeting. They welcomed Mat Mauger, Administrator ODOT Consultant Services, to discuss updates on Fee Guidance, pre-qualification manual, as well as exploring consultant evaluation and backlogging scores electronically.

Government Affairs reviewed their work plan and discussed the legislative session schedule, indemnification bill in lame duck and overall bill monitoring status. They also discussed the current standing of the ACEC Ohio/ACEC PACs and the Transportation Funding Coalition – Fix Our Roads Ohio (FOR Ohio).

Communication, Environment & Energy, Scholarship and Rising Leader committees are scheduled to meet in October in order to kick off their work plans. --> Visit our website for further information including dates and times!


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