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2018 Salary and Fringe Benefits Survey

Deadline to complete survey -- September 28!


This month weSalary Fringe Benefits launched the 2018 Salary and Fringe Benefits survey administered by The Owens Group.

All member firms should have received an email on Tuesday, September 4, 2018 from “The Owens Group on behalf of ACEC Ohio <>” inviting each firm to participate in the traditional Salary and Fringe Benefit Survey.  If you still have not received the survey e-mail, please contact ACEC Ohio –

This survey is a value-added benefit for you and your business from ACEC Ohio and collects the latest data provided by Ohio engineering companies, information you can’t get from any other source.  Since the business practice information was collected in the 2017 survey, the 2018 survey will include only salary and fringe benefit information in a very comprehensive report. (see attached detail of report information) With workforce recruitment and retention being a top priority of our member firms, ACEC Ohio encourages you to participate in the survey this year.  The more data The Owens Group receives, the more robust the final report will be.

Special note, if your company does ODOT Construction Services, please fill the survey out.  This year, we have added prequalified ODOT construction inspector categories to allow us to collect data for discussions with ODOT on rate caps. If you have any questions, please contact the ACEC Ohio offices. Thank you in advance for participating.

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