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ACEC Ohio's Salary & Fringe Benefits Survey Coming Soon!

Annual survey provides participants with Ohio specific data

Salary Fringe Benefits

The ACEC Ohio annual Salary and Fringe Benefits Survey is coming to your in-box this September! We encourage all members to participate as the more information we receive results in better data and a more thorough report.  By participating ACEC Ohio is able to collect the latest data provided by Ohio engineering companies, information you can’t get from any other source. 

This survey provides salary data across the engineering consulting business, from engineers to designers to inspectors to professionals within your organization.  In addition, it provides fringe benefit data which includes employee retirement programs, paid time off and health insurance options.

Whether you are seeking to hire new technical staff, or just trying to retain the quality staff you have, it is critical that your firm’s salary and fringe benefits plans are competitive in the industry. Participating in this year’s survey will not only grant you access to this information but will also allow you to purchase the final report at a much lower cost of $75. Members who do not participate will be able to purchase the final report for a much higher cost of $300.

 ACEC Ohio will be administering the survey through The Owens Group as we did this past year. To ensure you receive the survey invitation, please add the sender information to your email contacts: The Owens Group on behalf of ACEC Ohio



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