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Chapter Integration = One ACEC

Chapter Integration changes effective July 1, 2018 - what you need to know!


      ACEC Ohio Chapters: Pre-Integration                                         Goal: One ACEC Ohio

 The Task Force identified key areas to review---advocacy, meetings/events, finance/dues, alignment/branding and leadership/training.  After delving down into these broad areas, the group narrowed the focus to three priorities in the implementation plan: Clarify the relationship between ACEC Ohio and the Chapters; Education and Training; and Centralize specific operations to improve quality and gain efficiencies.

The overall theme is One ACEC Ohio, which will improve the synergy between the chapters and State organization. As part of the process, Holly Roberto joined the Council on May 9, 2018 as Member Engagement Specialist to assist in unifying the brand of ACEC Ohio among the chapters. The ACEC Ohio bylaws have also been updated to allow all chapters to work under one set of bylaws, which were adopted at the Annual Meeting on June 14, 2018.

Beginning July 1st, each member firm will pay dues to ACEC Ohio that will allow their employees to participate in any chapter meeting.  Many of ACEC Ohio member companies have offices in multiple locations across Ohio, instead of paying dues to each chapter, under the unified dues structure only one set of dues is paid to ACEC Ohio and allows access to all chapter meetings across the State. 

If you have any questions on the Chapter Integration efforts, feel free to contact any member of the Task Force:

  • Rod Sommer, Task Force Chair (ACEC Ohio Board)
  • Rich Allen (Northwest Ohio Chapter)
  • Mike Duffey (ACEC Ohio Board)
  • Lori Duguid (Central Ohio Chapter)
  • Beth Easterday (ACEC Ohio)
  • Brad Hyre (Southwest Ohio Chapter)
  • Jim Kleingers (ACEC Ohio Board)
  • Chris Preto (Northeast Ohio Chapter)

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