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Infrastructure Proposal Details Released

Information from ACEC


Information regarding the Infrastructure proposal from The Administration is captured below by Matt Reiffer, ACEC Director of Transportation Programs. 

"The Administration finally released their long-anticipated infrastructure proposal today.

For a brief summary of the highlights, click here.

For the 53-page detailed outline, click here.

There is broad eligibility for the incentive grants, including surface transportation, airports, maritime and inland waterways, flood control, water supply, hydropower, water resources, drinking water, storm water facilities, brownfields and Superfund sites. The $100 billion would be divided among the U.S. DOT, the EPA, and the Army Corps of Engineers to administer, but the amounts are not specified - so, we don't know how the funds would be distributed across agencies or sectors. Funding would be limited to an 20/80 federal cost share, and the funding criteria includes a "look back" period for revenue measures in recent years.

The rural program would include both formula grants and discretionary performance grants. The formula grants, totaling 80% of the funds ($40 billion), would be distributed using ratios of rural highway lane miles and rural population; funds would be controlled by the governor of the state. The other 20% ($10 billion) would be discretionary performance grants allocated by the federal government. Eligibility includes transportation, broadband, drinking water and wastewater, power and electric generation, transmission and distribution, and water resource projects.

The plan also lays out recommendations for additional tolling authority on Interstates and commercializing rest areas. It does not include any reference to fixing the Highway Trust Fund, although Administration officials have expressed a willingness to work with Congress on potential options.

The additional $200 billion would be offset by cuts to other federal programs contained in the broader budget proposal (not just transportation or other infrastructure programs), also submitted today. There is no specific 1:1 "pay for" included in the package.

The proposal also includes a wide range of changes to federal environmental laws, from establishing a "One Agency, One Decision" structure to targeted changes to the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act, the Endangered Species Act, and historic preservation requirements. A draft summary of those proposals was circulated to the Environment Subcommittee for review a couple weeks ago.

We are continuing to review and analyze the details of the package, as well as the budget submission for FY'19. We will circulate additional information and commentary as appropriate. In the meantime, don't hesitate to contact me ( with questions or feedback.

As I indicated last week, our basic message is this: now that the proposal has been released, we are eager to work with Congress to develop and advance a meaningful bill that can garner bipartisan support and address our priorities for providing robust, sustainable infrastructure investment.

To that end, it's another opportunity to remind you to attend the ACEC Annual Convention and Legislative Summit, April 15-18. You'll hear from Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao on the Administration's plans, and infrastructure investment will be a top issue for our advocacy visits on Capitol Hill."




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