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Michael E. Duffey, of SSOE Group, nominated to serve as next ACEC Ohio President

Michael E. Duffey, a principal with the SSOE Group, based in Toledo, has been nominated to serve as the next president of ACEC Ohio, effective July 1.

Duffey is currently the Council's Vice President and chair of its Government Affairs and Planning Committees.  He has served on the Board of Directors continuously since 2009, initially as the representative of the Northwest Ohio Chapter, before coming up through the officers' chairs.

Other nominations proposed by the Council's Nominating Committee are:

Vice President (1-year term) – A. Frederick Seling, PE, a principal with Engineering Associates Inc., in Wooster.  He currently serves as Secretary-Treasurer and previously served as an At-Large member of the Board of Directors

Secretary-Treasurer (1-year term) – James B. Kleingers, PE, president of The Kleingers Group, headquartered in West Chester.  He currently serves on the Board of Directors as the representative of the Southwest Ohio Chapter.

At-Large Director (2-year term) – John A. Lengel, a principal with Gresham, Smith & Partners, in Columbus.

At-Large Director (2-year term) – James T. Cicero, president of Karpinski Engineering, in Cleveland.

At-Large Director (2-year term) – Jay A. Muether, a principal with AECOM Technical Services, in Columbus.

ACEC Ohio bylaws provide that nominations for any or all of the above positions may be submitted by the membership. Such nominations must bear the signatures of principals of 15 member companies and must be submitted to the ACEC Ohio office, in Columbus, by April 15, 2016.

If no nominating petitions are submitted, the candidates proposed by the Nominating Committee shall be considered duly elected. If, however, one or more valid nominating petitions are submitted, a formal ballot will be provided to each member company no later than May 15 and such ballots must be returned no later than June 15.

All newly elected officers and directors shall take office on July 1.


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