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Four months into the year, 21 firms hit their voluntary PAC fundraising goals

A third of the way through the year, 21 ACEC Ohio member firms have met their 2016 voluntary contribution goals for ACEC's state and national political action committees, but many more firms need to pitch in if the Council is to hit its target numbers.

If you're unsure why you should contribute to the state and national PACs, you might ask yourself:

  • Do you want ACEC Ohio to continue working to oppose extension of the state sales tax to services?
  • Do you want ACEC Ohio to continue to work to pass legislation that would prohibit municipalities from forcing local hiring quotas on those seeking to compete for municipal contracts?
  • Do you want ACEC Ohio to continue to work to pass legislation that would stop government agencies from forcing you to sign contracts containing uninsurable defense and indemnification requirements?
  • Do you want the national Council to continue its work to stop federal agencies from engaging in one-step (competitive bid) design/build?
  • Do you want the national Council to continue its work to gain robust, long-term funding for surface transportation and aviation programs?

The hard truth is that, in order to have effective government affairs programs at the state and national level, ACEC must be able to help fund the election of candidates for Congress and the Ohio General Assembly who support our issues.  If we don't, then other groups, whose interests may be in conflict with ours, are likely to prevail.

If you want to know in more detail why you need to contribute to the state and national PACs, click here.

A big thank you to these 21 firms for meeting their voluntary contribution goals:

Carpenter Marty Transportation

Crawford, Murphy & Tilly, Inc.

CT Consultants, Inc.

CTL Engineering, Inc.

DGL Consulting Engineers, LLC

EMH&T, Inc.

GOP Limited

Gresham, Smith and Partners

Jones & Henry Engineers, Ltd.

K. E. McCartney & Associates, Inc.

Karpinski Engineering

Kohli and Kaliher Associates, Inc.

KS Associates, Inc.

Lawhon & Associates, Inc.

Mead & Hunt

ms consultants, inc.

OHM Advisors

Oswald Companies

SSOE Group

Stantec Consulting Services Inc.

The Kleingers Group

And thanks as well to all these individuals who have contributed to either the state and/or national PACs in 2016:

Laurie L. Adams (DGL Consulting Engineers, LLC)

Walid Antonios (TranSystems Corporation)

Michael Avellano (Woolpert, Inc.)

Kent D. Baker (Engineering Associates Inc.)

Bruce Bassett (Stantec Consulting Services Inc.)

Douglas R. Batt (CTL Engineering, Inc.)

James J. Bednar (ms consultants, inc.)

Ronald A. Bender (Euthenics, Inc.)

Theodore A. Bennett (Jones & Henry Engineers, Ltd.)

Steven R. Bergman (The Mannik & Smith Group, Inc.)

Jeffrey R. Bolchalk (Schaefer)

Joseph Bolzenius (Patrick Engineering Inc.)

Kenneth F. Borah (Karpinski Engineering)

David A. Breitfeller (CTL Engineering, Inc.)

Jeff Broadwater (Michael Baker Jr., Inc.)

Raymond J. Briya (ms consultants, inc.)

Frank J. Bronzo (Environmental Design Group, LLC)

Daniel G. Bucher (Kohli and Kaliher Associates, Inc.)

Michael G. Buettner (Kohli and Kaliher Associates, Inc.)

Brad Bush (DesignPro Insurance Group)

Aaron H. Call (OHM Advisors)

Kevin P. Carpenter (Carpenter Marty Transportation)

Tim Casto (The Kleingers Group)

Rhonda Chapman (TGC Engineering, LLC)

Lawrence P. Ciborek (Michael Baker Jr., Inc.)

James T. Cicero (Karpinski Engineering)

Michael Ciotola (Mead & Hunt)

Michael A. Ciprian (Schaefer)

Michael Couvreur (The Kleingers Group)

Jon R. Cox (Stantec Consulting Services Inc.)

Russell R. Critelli (CDM Smith Inc.)

Susan S. Daniels (Lawhon & Associates, Inc.)

Gary D. Daugherty (Engineering Associates Inc.)

Brian J. David (Karpinski Engineering)

Aaron D. Domini (OHM Advisors)

Sandra C. Doyle-Ahern (EMH&T, Inc.)

Mark A. Droll (Kohli and Kaliher Associates, Inc.)

Michael E. Duffey (SSOE Group)

Lori Duguid (Michael Baker Jr., Inc.)

Beth Easterday (IBI Group)

Frank Eisenhower (Karpinski Engineering)

Eugene P. Esser (OHM Advisors)

David A. Frank (ARCADIS)

Michael A. Frank (GOP Limited)

Bronson J. Funke (Palmer Engineering)

Craig J. Galecka (LJB Inc.)

Rocco A. Gallo (Karpinski Engineering)

Matt Gardner (LJB Inc.)

A. Paul Gluck (Michael Baker Jr., Inc.)

Clifford M. Gordon (Jones & Henry Engineers, Ltd.)

Joseph R. Grani (CTL Engineering, Inc.)

Aaron G. Grillot (TranSystems Corporation)

Clyde C. Hadden (CT Consultants, Inc.)

Wesley Hall (CT Consultants, Inc.)

Ahmed Hamid (DGL Consulting Engineers, LLC)

Jacqueline S. Harmon (Stantec Consulting Services Inc.)

Stan A. Harris (Stantec Consulting Services Inc.)

Mohammed Haque (DHDC Engineering Consulting Services, Inc.)

Greg E. Heaton (Crawford, Murphy & Tilly, Inc.)

James D. Hise (Strand Associates, Inc.)

Adam C. Hoff (Stantec Consulting Services Inc.)

Joseph A. Hotz (Jones & Henry Engineers, Ltd.)

James M. Houk (OHM Advisors)

Richard J. Iafelice (CT Consultants, Inc.)

Laurie Iulg (LJB Inc.)

Ali Jamshidi (CTL Engineering, Inc.)

Thomas E. Jedlinsky (CDM Smith Inc.)

Bipender S. Jindal (CTL Engineering, Inc.)

Matthew Kairouz (CTL Engineering, Inc.)

Marie S. Keister (Engage Public Affairs, LLC)

Kevin D. Kershner (Stantec Consulting Services Inc.)

J. Timothy King (J. T. King & Co., Inc.)

Robert J. Kirkbride (Stantec Consulting Services Inc.)

Eric M. Kistner (Stantec Consulting Services Inc.)

James B. Kleingers (The Kleingers Group)

Steven R. Korte (The Kleingers Group)

Thomas Kramer (LJB Inc.)

Michael D. Kratofil (ms consultants, inc.)

David G. Krock (OHM Advisors)

Heather Lacey (LJB Inc.)

Peter A. Latta (Jones & Henry Engineers, Ltd.)

Thomas Laubie (LJB Inc.)

William H. Lindenbaum (Michael Baker Jr., Inc.)

Bradley F. Lowery (Jones & Henry Engineers, Ltd.)

Stephen J. Mary (Stantec Consulting Services Inc.)

James D. Mawhorr (K. E. McCartney & Associates, Inc.)

Mark J. McCabe (Gresham, Smith and Partners)

Brian P. McCartney (K. E. McCartney & Associates, Inc.)

Mitchell A. McCoy (Palmer Engineering)

Nicholas W. McCullough (The Kleingers Group)

Richard McGuckin (DGL Consulting Engineers, LLC)

Kimberly K. Messer (LJB Inc.)

Troy Messer (The Kleingers Group)

Brian S. Metz (TranSystems Corporation)

Lynn S. Miggins (KS Associates, Inc.)

Douglas D. Miller (Jones Stuckey A Division of Pennoni)

James R. Miller (Schaefer)

Nolan W. Miller (LJB Inc.)

Marc A. Montgomery (CTL Engineering, Inc.)

Scot Morehouse (DGL Consulting Engineers, LLC)

David J. Mosure (ms consultants, inc.)

Thomas E. Mosure (ms consultants, inc.)

Gregory M. Murphy (TranSystems Corporation)

Katrina Nolan (Gresham, Smith and Partners)

Bret Oakes (LJB Inc.)

P. Frank O'Hare (S&ME, Inc.)

Scott D. Peyton (Stantec Consulting Services Inc.)

John P. Pierko (ms consultants, inc.)

Darren R. Pleiman (Stantec Consulting Services Inc.)

Ronny E. Portz (Engineering Associates Inc.)

David S. Pyzoha (Gresham, Smith and Partners)

Joshua A. Reinicke (Gresham, Smith and Partners)

Tracey Riepenhoff (LJB Inc.)

Gregory J. Riley (Schaefer)

Bryon F. Ringley (Stantec Consulting Services Inc.)

Robert C. Rogers (Schaefer)

Frances Rubio Rourke (OHM Advisors)

C. K. Satyapriya (CTL Engineering, Inc.)

James T. Sayles (CT Consultants, Inc.)

Daniel F. Schertler (LJB Inc.)

David M. Schierloh (LJB Inc.)

Sheldon D. Schlabach (Engineering Associates Inc.)

Andrew Schneider (TranSystems Corporation)

Evan L. Scott (LJB Inc.)

Gary Sebach (OHM Advisors)

Frederick Seling (Engineering Associates Inc.)

Paula M. Selvaggio (Oswald Companies)

Steven N. Shadix (Stantec Consulting Services Inc.)

Andrew J. Shahan (LJB Inc.)

David F. Shipps (TranSystems Corporation)

Clifford A. Shrive (Stantec Consulting Services Inc.)

Jay W. Shutt (CT Consultants, Inc.)

Gregg J. Simon (Jones & Henry Engineers, Ltd.)

Mark B. Skellenger (KS Associates, Inc.)

Shaune Skinner (ASC Group)

Anthony J. Slanec (OHM Advisors)

J. Gregory Sliger (Schaefer)

C. Michael Smith (The Mannik & Smith Group, Inc.)

Daniel W. Springer (LJB Inc.)

Daniel G. Steeley (LJB Inc.)

Jay Stewart (The Kleingers Group)

Michael R. Sturdevant (Stantec Consulting Services Inc.)

Joseph E. Sullivan (Stantec Consulting Services Inc.)

Shawn K. Thompson (CH2M)

Matt Tin (Stantec Consulting Services Inc.)

Eva D. Vargas (CHA Consulting, Inc.)

Lawrence G. Wanamaker (Michael Baker Jr., Inc.)

Stephen M. Way (DGL Consulting Engineers, LLC)

George C. Webb (Terracon Consultants, Inc.)

David Wiles (CT Consultants, Inc.)

Gary L. Williams (Jones & Henry Engineers, Ltd.)

Richard L. Williams (Stantec Consulting Services Inc.)

Patrick G. Wingate (OHM Advisors)

Randy C. Wolfe (The Kleingers Group)

Steven L. Wordelman (Jones & Henry Engineers, Ltd.)

David V. Wright (The Kleingers Group)

Chiranjiv Zutshi (CTL Engineering, Inc.)


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