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ACEC Ohio launches annual salary, fringe benefit survey

November 20 submission deadline

Whether you are seeking to hire new technical staff, or just trying to retain the quality staff you have, it is vital that your firm’s salary and fringe benefit plans are competitive in the industry. That’s why your company should participate in ACEC Ohio’s 2015 Salary & Fringe Benefit Survey.

More companies participate in this survey than in any similar survey (last year, 40 companies averaging 65 employees took part).  If your company returns the survey questionnaire by the November 20 deadline, the company will receive a free copy of the survey report, which sells to non-participating firms for $200.

The survey tabulation will be sent to all participating firms on December 4, so that it may be used in conducting end-of-year salary evaluations. For this reason, the November 20 submission deadline will not be extended.

The ACEC Ohio Salary & Fringe Benefit Survey provides the latest data on the salaries and fringe benefits provided by Ohio engineering companies, information that can’t be obtained from any other source at any price. Make sure your company takes advantage of this opportunity by returning your survey questionnaire by the November 20 deadline.

By now the survey questionnaire should have hit the desk of the "key principal" in every ACEC Ohio member firm.  To download an electronic copy of the survey instructions, job classifications and an interactive PDF of the survey questionnaire, click here.

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