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Developer of 'Infotuition' decision-making model to present at June 25 Annual Meeting

If you or members of your management team are prone to over-thinking decisions, you should mark Thursday, June 25 on your calendar and plan to attend the ACEC Ohio Annual Meeting, at which nationally recognized speaker, author and management consultant Shelley Row will share with you her Infotuition™ decision-making model.

Trained as a professional engineer, Shelley Row admits to being a "recovering over-thinker."  Now she travels the country to share what she's learned about Infotuition™ – which she defines as the intersection of business pragmatics and gut feel.

Infotuition™ – or more formally the Cognition-Intuition Balance Model – combines Shelley’s executive experience, results from personal interviews with more than 70 leaders, and published research on brain neuroscience.  She will share this powerful skill with those who attend her  session, which kicks off the Annual Meeting.

Shelley knows that successful leaders call on vast information resources to make decisions. They gather as much information as possible within time constraints and they pay attention to their intuition.  When it’s time to decide, cognition and intuition are balanced through an internal calculus. This balance point is your Infotuition™.

Her long list of clients includes the Transportation Research Board, U.S. Department of the Treasury, International Bridge,Tunnel & Turnpike Association, American Planning Association, Kittelson & Associates Engineers & Planners and many others.

Complete program details and registration information will be transmitted to all ACEC Ohio members in early May, but mark your calendar now and plan to take in this important presentation.


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